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"If a combat system (self-defense) of preparation doesn’t have the main  idea of practical  health for those who use these drills -  it’s not perfect".
                                                                                                                  Aleksandr Maksimtsov



Modern man is constantly faced with stressful situations in which he need to be in good and physical and psychological form.

How to be in good spirits, cheerful and not tired?
How to be confident in any situation?
How to stay healthy?
How to restore your health, if you have already lost it?
How to feel safe?
   And do not spend  a lot of your time, energy, force for that!

Here is the way that I propose for you to achieve it:
We should study how to move  effectively (biomechanically correctly) .

   The most interesting thing is that we were able  do it until the age of about 3-4 years. We were rolling, crawling, falling, then we started to walk and to walk properly and effectively. Look at a child when he had just learned to walk. This is an ideal biomechanically efficient gait (light step).
 But then  when we began to copy our  social surroundings  we gradually forgot these skills. Now you just need to remember these skills.
   Consciously we observe ourselves. For while we breathe, we stand, sit, walk, etc.
When we master the algorithm  for more effective natural movements  we can solve practically any problems and tasks in our life   with pleasure. Including earn as much as you need.
Here are a few basic principles of the movement.

1. In any  movement or any position of the body  the muscles involved are only those which are necessary at that moment. All others are completely relaxed.


2. Moving continuously. Exactly as how our heart works, our breathing, our walking. 

3. In any movement  our center of gravity must be involved.

       The same principles are used when we study self-defense. The basis of self-defense of  Maksimtsov's System   are our everyday movements. This is exactly what you do every day.
- You walk. Your gait is the basic movement in self-defense. This is the  technique of impacts . This exemption from seizures. And shock protection.
- You sit down on a chair or on an armchair - this is the technique of falling and rolling  on any surface, whether asphalt, rocks or stairs.
- You pick up items from the ground - this is the technique of throwing any object (earth, sand, stone, knife) at the enemy.
            When you learn to consciously observe yourself with daily activities - you can  see in   your movements the  technique of self-defense. You do not need to learn dozens of exotic positions, movements,  many  years to studying striking techniques, injuring your hands and fingers. You only need to look at your body and its movement from a different angle. You are already a fighting machine. It remains to see it and understand it.

           An important aspect is that if you understand and possess these skills of effective self-defense -  you  will never  forget them.
Let us remember when we first learnt to cycle? It may have been recent, and for some -10 years ago. But! Any one of you, having learned to ride a bike, you will sit  at any time and  will ride, no matter how much time has passed. This ability will stay with you  for all your  life. Similarly, the ability to swim, skate and ski, drive car, moto and so on. These  skills can not be forgotten, no matter how old you are, how many Kg. is your weight or how much you earn.
         Similarly in this manner works   Systema self-defence of Colonel Alexander Maksimtsov.

         And this ability will remain with you forever.
Maksimtsov's Survival System  can help protect you and allow you to be as efficient as possible  not only in fighting but also when you need to decide some problems in  everyday life with  the lowest cost of your  energy and your  time. This is not just a self-defense technique  but one of the most effective ways to develop and use your capabilities  for the improvement of your life .  And it is regardless of your physical state, health, age, gender, religious beliefs, nationality, etc.

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