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What is online education Systema Colonel Maksimtsov?

       This is a System of survival and effective everyday  life, based on clear, simple and understandable principles.
The uniqueness of this System  is that the principles applied in the System, “work” both physically and psychologically.This knowledge, understanding and mastery give each person a unique ability to solve any life problem effectively and without tension.
 Colonel Maksimtsov developed the author’s method of integrated online education. For this, detailed materials have been prepared on each topic, each lesson of each level, in which Alexander explains  and shows the material, reveals all the nuances, focuses on the details and prevents possible errors.
Colonel Maksimtsov personally leads and directs each student. At each lesson, students complete a series of homework. 
Colonel Maksimtsov will personally checks each homework, notes errors, and provides detailed feedback until the online student masters every principle and every movement to perfection.
For various life reasons, online students can pause their online education and continue at any time. Education time is unlimited.
Detailed information about  Systema Colonel Maksimtsov  and online educanion you  can look  here
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